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Equity & Justice

At Our Lady of Grace School, the Equity and Justice Action Committee (EJA) is dedicated to promoting awareness of marginalized voices, enhancing representation through workshops and guest speakers, and fostering discussions among staff on diversity, anti-racism, and social justice issues.

A Mission of Diversity and Inclusion

Together, we are building a more inclusive and equitable community at OLG School, where every voice is respected, every perspective is valued, and every individual is celebrated for who they are.
This includes:
  • Guest speakers related to professions students have expressed interest in (see example below)
  • School-wide acknowledgements and celebration related to variety of cultures and communities
  • Staff discussion to reflect on EJA practices within OLG school. 
  • Partnership with local community groups to host a Christmas Market
  • Field trips within the community
  • Obtaining input from parents about the school through the Grace Proud Parents meeting and surveys

Learning Photography
Basics While Learning About Ourselves

7th and 8th grade students collaborated with photographer Natalie Garcia-Perez on a 5-week photography unit focused on exploring light, composition, and identity through phone, film, and DSLR cameras. They delved into their culture, heritage, and daily activities, reflecting on what defines them and what they will pass on.

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