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Grace's Proud Parents

At OLG, we believe that family involvement is essential. Grace's Proud Parents is a group of energetic and committed parents directly involved in the school's events and advancement. Parents assist in fundraising, open houses, picnics, and more. They support the school by joining committees or helping out with day-to-day tasks, and they also have the opportunity to serve on the school board, meeting monthly with the Principal to discuss their vision for the school. 
Our parents work tirelessly for the advancement of the school and to enhance their children's learning experience at Our 
IMG-3965 (1).jpg
Lady of Grace School. The Grace's Proud Parents Club meets every month to organize different fundraising events, such as the Day of the child/Dia de Nino, Halloween Party/Trunk-o-Ween, Breakfast with Santa, Field Day, and School Picnic. The money they raise is used for field trips and other school needs. 
To learn more about what it is like being an OLG parent, contact Christina Cartagena to get in touch with an OLG Parent Ambassador. Call 773-342-0170 or email
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