OLG After 3PM

The fun at Our Lady of Grace School doesn't end when the school bell rings! Your children can join us in our after school programs. 
Knitting Club
OLG students have the opportunity to learn about textile arts at Knitting Club! Participating students will have the opportunity to put yarn and needles to work and create beautiful projects while learning a fun new skill. 
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Science Club
Through our partnership with Bit Space, students who participate in the OLG science club get to build and invent, all while exploring the scientific laws that are relevant to the projects they are working on!
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Art Club
OLG's art club, operated in partnership with Urban Gateways, gives students the chance for adventure in the world of art. Students get to work with a variety of materials to make new and exciting artwork, from paintings to sculptures!
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Guitar Club
At OLG, students can participate in guitar club, where they get to have fun while gaining valuable skills, knowledge, and exposure to the arts!
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OLG's students get to have fun while learning about the importance of teamwork through participation in our basketball teams, while parents can get involved and support the team as coaches. 
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After School Care
OLG's After School Care program, which takes place form 2:45-6:00pm, provides a space for kids to play, do their homework, and mingle with students from other grades. Available to students Pre-K-8th, we charge a $5-per-hour prorated rate.