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Student Life

At OLG, we believe in bringing the community together to celebrate our school's four pillars: Faith, Education, Family, and Community. Through the traditions we have established, students have the opportunity to celebrate the things that make them unique and the faith that brings them together. 
Morning Announcements
Each morning, the OLG school
OLG comes together every Friday to celebrate mass from 8:30-9:15am. Each week a different class is given the opportunity to oversee the mass and ensure that everything runs smoothly. The OLG community also has the chance to come together periodically to celebrate family masses, which are organized as a collaboration between one to two classes, who provide reading, choral music, and more to bless the families of OLG. 
Catholic Schools Week
In celebration of Catholic Schools Week, four teachers organize a social committee to plan activities such as community service, special mass, and theme days such as Career Day and Backwards Day!
Fun Fest
Each year, the 8th graders work together to organize Fun Fest, a day in which the students of OLG comes together for games, prizes, and fun to help raise money for the 8th grade trip. 
OLG's Walk-a-thon is one of our biggest fundraising events! Our students walk with sponsorship from the community. This event is run each year with significant support and participation from volunteers, the OLG board, and Grace's proud parents. 
Heritage Day
On Heritage Day, OLG's students, faculty, and staff get to dress in attire that represents their individual heritage. At the end of the school day, the OLG community comes together for a meal where families and teachers bring a dish that is significant in relation to their cultural backgrounds. It's a great day to celebrate the backgrounds that make us unique and brought us together!
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