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Financial Aid and Scholarships

At OLG, we're committed to affordable education.
Our Lady of Grace school provides tuition assistance to families who want to pursue Catholic education despite budget constraints.  Tuition assistance is available for families who qualify, and the award will vary based on need.
How to apply...
All applications will be completed through the FACTS Tuition Management application form. Families are required to re-apply each year for the Tuition Assistance Program.  New families may apply at any time, while returning families will be asked to apply between the months of January and April.
What scholarships are offered?
In addition to the standard financial aid offered through the school, OLG students are eligible for a wide array of scholarships. These include scholarships through the Romo Foundation, Big Shoulders Fund, Archdiocese of Chicago, Stepan-Kelly Scholars Program, and the Tax Credit Scholarship Program (available through Big Shoulders Fund and Empower Illinois).
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