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Our Lady of Grace's COVID-19 Response Plan

We are committed to pursuing in-person learning in a way that protects students, faculty, and staff and ensures their health. In order to achieve this objective, we regularly adjust protocols and policies to be in compliance with the State of Illinois and Archdiocese of Chicago.

Below outlines some of our building protocols:
The Building Layout
Building Layout.png
To keep our students safe, we have revised seating within the classrooms and the lunchroom in order to maintain greater distance.
To promote student health, anyone over the age of 2 will be asked to wear a mask. Masks may only be removed during designated activities, such as lunch, if appropriate social distancing is observed.
Health Monitoring
Temperature Checks.png
If a student has any COVID-19 symptoms, they will be asked to return home and school administration will work with families on next steps.
Infection Protocols
Infection protocols.png
In addition to implementing preventative measures, Our Lady of Grace will adhere to a set of protocol in the case that a student or faculty member displays symptoms of COVID, are exposed to COVID, or have contracted COVID.
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