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Parent Letter Friday 04/13/2018

Dear Parents/ Guardians,

Today is the mid-point in the third trimester. Mid-trimester reports will be sent home on Monday to those families who are current in their tuition and have paid fees for the year.

Next week the ACT Aspire Tests will be given in grades 3-8. Please make sure that your children are in attendance each day and arrive to school on time so that make-up tests do not have to be given to your children after school hours. Please make certain that your children also eat a good breakfast each morning and that they have at least eight hours of sleep each night so that they are well rested when taking the test.

Thanks to all who supported the eighth grade bake sale yesterday. Your support helped to reduce the cost of their trip at the end of this school year.

The tuition payment for the month of April is due on Monday. Please pay this promptly. All fees except for the fundraiser fee, should now be paid in full.

The last fund raiser of this school year is the Walk-a-Thon. Packets were sent home to you before Easter vacation. Please support this fund raiser by getting pledges to participate and the $15 must be turned in with the blue permission slip.

Our last "Family Mass" of this school year will be celebrated on Saturday, April 21, at 4:00. Students in grades one and seven will be actively participating and a children's choir will lead the community in song. An ice cream social will be held in the school hall following the Mass.

The "Students of the Month" for April have been determined. These students are: Mia Martinez, Nicholas Ortiz, Myles Covello, Joziah Camacho, Ariyanna Leon, Addison Alamo, Camilo Alatorre, Lucas Alatorre, Lucas Alatorre, Isabella Cehic, Kayla Gordillo, Nayeli Rivera, Julia Martin, Jonathan Perez, Alexis Arellanes, Gregory Hazel, Bryan Silva, Nadiya valdovinos. Congratulations, students, for being God's presence to others through your love and witness!

We have entered the season of Easter. Jesus is risen and is alive! In Sunday's Gospel, two disciples have come to the upper room and are sharing their Easter story: how they met Jesus on the road earlier in the day, how they recognized Him in the breaking of the bread at their meal. With Him at the Emmaus. As they talk, the Risen Jesus appears. The Apostles think that Jesus is a ghost until He invites them to look at the woulds in His hands and feet and to touch Him. Then He gives them more proof that He is alive by eating a piece of the fish tht was cooked for their dinner. Jesus explains that the Scriptures have been fulfilled: He has suffered and risen from the dead on the third day. The Apostles are witness to the fact that He is alive, to the forgiveness and peace He offers to all people.

As Christians, we witness to Jesus and the power of the Scriptures in our daily lives. In what we say and do, we give witness to the unending joy the Risen Lord has brought us.


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