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March 22, 2019

Dear Parents/Guardians,

The last Family Mass of this school year is on Saturday, April 6, at 4:00. The students in grades one and eight will plan and minister at this Mass. A children's choir will lead the congregation in song. If you have children in grades 3-8, we encourage you to give permission for them to participate in the choir. A permission slip is being sent with this parent letter. Please return the form by Wednesday, March 27.

There is also a flyer being sent home with this parent letter. It concerns the "Children's Day" event that is being planned by Grace's Proud Parents for Saturday, April 27, from 6:00-9:00 PM in the school hall. Plan now to attend. It's FREE for students.

Please note that he ACT Aspire Tests will be given to the students in grades 3-8 during the week of April 1. Please do not schedule any doctor appointments for that week. It is important that the students are in attendance.

THANKS all those who participated in the spring fund raiser. If you ordered boxes of World's Finest Chocolate candy bars to sell, please come and get these as soon as possible.

Most of the classes have less than six students who have not registered for 2019-2020. If you have not registered your children, please do so as soon as possible. The registration fee increased to $75 on March 1. Don't wait until until there is another increase.

We have completed two full weeks on the season of Lent. We continue to focus on prayer, fasting, and almsgiving here at OLG. Children in grades one and two will attend the Stations of the Cross next Friday afternoon at 2:00. We invite you to join the students in prayer at this devotion. The students are asked to return the money from their Lenten banks next Friday and every Friday until April 12. On Friday, April 12, students are asked to return their bank to school.

There will be two dress downs days next week. If students pay $1, they may dress down on Tuesday. If students did not have a behavior form during the month of March, they may have a dress down on Friday.

In Sunday's Gospel, Jesus tells a story about a landowner who planted a fig tree in his garden. The man's gardener gave the tree very special care. However, after three years, the tree did not grow even a fig. The landowner then ordered the gardener to cut the useless tree down. When the gardener pleaded to save the tree, the owner agreed to give it one more chance.

This parable is a warning for us. The gardener, Jesus, has won for us the chance to grow and produce much fruit. However, all of His loving care will not be enough unless we accept His love. If we do not, the landowner, God, will reject us on the day of judgement.


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