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Friday Letter 05/18/2018

Dear Parents/Guardians,

Next Friday the annual school picnic will be held at Koz Park. Many volunteers are needed to make this a fun and memorable day for the students. If you need volunteer hours, a special request was sent to you asking that you volunteer. The school picnic is your last opportunity to earn volunteer hours this year. If there are not a sufficient number of volunteers, we will have to cancel this event. We have always had more than enough volunteers, but this is causing a challenge for us this year. Consider giving your time and volunteer. A talent show will be held in the school hall following the school picnic. If the school picnic is not held, the talent show will be held at 1:45.

There was a nice group of parents present for the May Crowning last Thursday. Thanks to all who were present to honor Mary, our Blessed Mother.

On Wednesday evening, the annual spring concert will be held in the school hall at 7:00. Students from kindergarten through eighth grade will perform. Students need to be dressed up; no jeans or t-shirts may be worn. Students need to be in their classrooms at 6:45. Mr. Rholl has prepared a wonderful program. We know you will enjoy this gift of song from your children.

Mrs. Many's last day was yesterday. She is moving to Michigan with her husband Mike. Mrs. Gambino has been hired to teach the fifth grade class the last three weeks of school. We welcome Mrs. Gambino to OLG. We thank Mrs. Many for her service to the students of OLG these past three years and ask God's blessings on her and her husband as they settle into a new home and await the birth of their baby son in July.

Have you registered your children at OLG for 2018-2019? Next week will be the last opportunity to get your name in the raffle for a free month of tuition or set of gym clothing. Unfortunately, the registration fee increased on Wednesday to $70. Do you have children who are three or four years of age? If you qualify, your children could attend preschool tuition free because of Preschool for All. If you know families who have their children enrolled in Chicago Public Schools, please invite them to enroll their children in OLG. You receive a credit of $100 towards your children's tuition if the family enrolls their children and the children remain in OLG for the year. You are our best public relations representatives. Spread the word.

Last Thursday we received a large donation of supplies form Enchated Backpack. The efforts of four parent volunteers and seven eighth grade boys unloaded the truck and sorted the supplies-all in less than two hours! Thank you for a job well done!

THANKS to all of you who have volunteered with the Walk-a-Thon last Friday. God's blessings were upon us as we had a rain-free morning to walk. Thanks to those who secured more than the minimum of $15 in pledges. I will let you know the profit when all donations have been returned.

On Sunday we celebrate the feast of Pentecost. On the day a person is born, hundreds, maybe thousands of lives are affected. For all the years that person is alive, he or she will affect the lives of others. That's the way it is with the feast of Pentecost, often calle dthe birthday of the Church. The divine wisdom and power of the Holy Spirit came to the followers of Jesus. The events of that day continue to touch lives today. We are the Church and our faith makes a difference every day in the lives of people all around the world.


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