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Friday Letter 05/04/2018

Dear Parents/Guardians,

Tomorrow morning nineteen of our students will receive the sacrament of the Eucharist for the first time. We congratulate these students and their families on this happy occasion!

Now that the month of May has arrived, the activity level increases. You will note that next week, in particular.

Next Thursday we will have our annual May Crowning. The 8th grade students and the students in the First Communion class will play a prominent part in this devotion which honors Mary as our Queen. We invite all parishioners to the May Crowning which will be held in the church at 8:15.

The eighth grade students will receive their class ribbons on Friday during the 8:15 Mass.

The Walk-a-Thon will be held on Friday. Permission slips, pledge sheets with the $15 minimum donation, and t-shirt designs are all due on Tuesday. All students are to participate and bring in the minimum donation of $15. Of course, we hope most of our students will secure more than $15 in pledges. Let's all work to make this a succesful fundraiser-the last of this school year. Thanks to all of you who have made donations and will be serving as volunteers on Friday morning.

Grace's Proud Parents is sponsoring an all-school field trip on Wednesday. The Chicago Kids Company will perform "Beauty and the Beast" for the students on Wednesday at the Stahl Family Theater. (This is located at St. Patrick High School.) Students will wear OLG gym uniform.

The After School Science Club will be taking a trip to the Peggy Notebaert Nature Museum on Thursday. This trip ends their science club activities for this year.

Monday is an exclusion day for students who are delinquent in their tuition payments. We are coming to the end of this school year. The last tuition payment is May 15. ALL FEES WERE TO BE PAID BY DECEMBER 21. If you have paid little or nothing towards the General Service Fee, your children will also be excluded from classes beginning on Monday. All financial obligations to OLG must be completed by May 30.

The "Students of the Month" for May have been selected. These students are: Viktor Ortiz, Sophia Tello, Sofia Mroz, Yaretzi Villa, Travis Miller, Leslie Sanchez, Lisandra Agualema, Esmeralda Corrales,Johnny Encalada, Emily Rodriguez, Edwin Alvarez, Anthony Carrera, Nicole Hurtado, Jesse Valdovinos, Neil Bermeo, and Dayana Gordillo. Congratulations, students!

Enchanted Bookpacks is making a generous donation or items to Our Lady of Grace School next Thursday afternoon at 1:00. We are looking for 8-10 volunteers (preferably men) to help with unloading the truck. If you need volunteer hours, this is a great opportunity. Please respond by Monday if you are able to help.

Sunday's Gospel is a love letter from Jesus to His followers. In it Jesus tells how very much He loves us, as much as His Father loves Him. Jesus call us His friends and invites us to live on in His love.

Nothing can come of Jesus' love for us unless we love Him back. The best way to do that, Jesus points out, is to love one another as He has loved us. If we love Jesus, we will treat our friends as Jesus treats us. To help us do that, we have Jesus in His Church, in His sacraments, and in His words.


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