Presenting the OLG Playground!

Posted: 4/18/2015

      The OLG playground is now a reality! Thanks to over 159 donations from OLG alumni and friends, students can now enjoy being active in a state of the art playground.

      The OLG playground fund was created over five years ago when Board members decided it was time to create a space where students could engage in free play. Through various fundraising efforts such as the OLG Phonathon, as well as donations from generous supporters such as the Brach Foundation, Logan Square Neighborhood Association and Big Shoulders Fund, OLG was able to raise the funds needed to make this dream a reality. 

      The playground was completed on April 18 as family volunteers gathered early in the morning to shovel and rake in woodchips as this was the final step in providing our kids with a safe play area. The volunteer event was followed by a Family Mass at 4pm and The Blessing of The Playlot immediately after. Families, staff and friends all gathered as students counted down the seconds to when they would be able to slide, climb and play.

      A big thank you to all who helped put a smile on our childrens' faces through the building of the playground; you have made a difference. 

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