"Thanks to OLG, I see myself focusing more. My personality changed a lot. I see myself caring about my grades. I have manners and education. I learned about my religion and helping others."

—Daniela Garcia, Class of 2012
Sophomore at Josephinum Academy

"Outstanding administration and teachers who care about our investment."

—The Trybas '80,'05, '08, '12





"Children at OLG receive quality education and broad spiritual and academic knowledge. My son is very happy at OLG."

---The Castro Family

John Paul Found His Voice and Love of God at OLG. Read his story!

"It was at OLG that the foundation of my education was formed and my commitment to success, both professionally and personally, began."

—David Pateros, Class of 1966
Regional Director at HSBC Private Bank
OLG School Board Member

"They speak to our daughter about love of God and teach her to respect her elders."

—The Vegas