Principal's Friday Letter

November 3, 2017


Dear Parents/Guardians,

The first trimester ends today. Report cards will be given to you at the Parent/Teacher/Student Conferences scheduled for November 20 and 21, if you are current in your tuition. You received the schedule for your conferences last Friday. Please be sure that your November payment is made so that you can receive your children's report cards. It is very important for you to see your children's academic progress.

The tutition payment for November is due next Wednesday. Please pay promptly so that you don't incur a late fee.

Last Friday we were honored to have Bishop Rojas celebrate Mass with our students. After the Mass he told that he loves coming to OLG and offering Mass with our students. He said that they sing so well,they pray the responses, and they are so well-behaved. He said that he wanted to return to OLG to celebrate Mass with our students in Advent, in Lent, and during the Easter season. We are happy to honor Bishop Rojas' request.

This past week students in grades 5-8 voted to elect officers and class representatives for the Student Council. Officers elected were: President- Bryant Alvarez, Vice President-John Castro; Secretary-Edwin Alvarez. Elected as class representatives were: Ruben Muñoz and Melany Nuñez for 8th grade, Veronica Flores, and Karen Perez for 7th grade; Neil Bermeo and Clara Kiolbasa for 6th grade; and James Echeverria and Leslie Navarette for 5th grade. Congratulations to those elected and to all those who participated.

Students from kindergarten through eighth grade will participate in Junior Achievement program next Friday. This program was rescheduled from an earlier date. We thank the volunteers who are sharing their time with our students to make the program possible. 

I am sure that you have heard about the tax credit scholarship bill that was passed earlier this fall. The "Invest in Kids Act" provides a new way to fund scholarships for elegible low income students to attend private K-12 schools in Illinois. Scholarships offered through this program have the potential to cover up to 100 percent of tuition and elegible fees for next school year. This program provides an exciting opportunity for more children to receive a quality Catholic education. Although we are still learning more about the rules of the program, the application process, and timing, we will share details as they are finalized. If you want more information, you can visit the website at the or you can call 312-53-5321.

Because applications can be submitted on January 1, registration for 2018-2019 has to begin soon. The School Board met yesterday to set tuition rates for next year so we can begin the registration process. As soon as materials are ready, we will be sending these to you. We are already receiving many requests for registration materials from families outside our OLG school family for next year. These are exciting times for you and your children and for all the parents who want a Catholic education for their children.

In Sunday's Gospel, Jesus tells a parable about ten virgins who are given the same mission and responsibility. However, from the very beginning, five are not prepared for their mission. Being unprepared for somethings is not necessarily a failure. As people of faith, our baptism has prepared us for the mission of love. By the blessings of our baptism, we have been given the grace we need to welcome Jesus in others at any time. We are always prepared for the heavenly banquet when we live each day to the fullest in the presence of the Risen Jesus. 


Sister Rita Marie Range, O.P