Principal's Friday Letter

June 2, 2017


Dear Parents/Guardians,

This is the last parent letter for 2016-2017. It is hard to imagine that we completed ten months of Catholic education at OLG. It seems that we were just beginning a sh011 while ago. Many parents and students have commented on how quickly the year went. THANKS to all of you for making this a great year. Thanks for giving your children the best gift you can give - the gift of a Catholic education. All of us realize the sacrifices you had to make and we thank you. 

Thank you for the support you gave to your children's teachers and for your participation in the various events scheduled throughout the year. Both of these spoke to your children of the importance you placed on their education. In the name ofthe entire faculty and staff, Grace's Proud Parents, and the School Board, I thank you for the gifts you shared, especially your most precious gifts -- your beautiful children. I know OLG has the best students. Whenever I go into another school, I realize more and more the human treasure we have at OLG. I am so blessed! I look forward to your partnership next year as I welcome your children in August. With your continued support, great things will continue to happen at OLG. 

When we return in August we will have a new pastor. Father Schopp is retiring on June so". We pray that Father George will be blessed in his retirement years with many gifts of God's love. We thank him for his years of ministry here at OLG. 

Thanks to all of you who have already registered your children [or 2017-2018. Our enrollment numbers at this time are exceeding those at this same time last year. If you have not registered your children as yet, I encourage you to do this soon. Once a class is full, we cannot accept any more students for that grade. If you need tuition assistance, I hope you applied. With the financial uncertainty with the Chicago Public Schools) we are receiving more inquiries. The teachers and I want your children to be part of the wonderful OLG family next year. 

Last Friday a drawing was held to determine who would be given a month of free tuition for next year and an order of gym clothing. A free month of tuition will be given to the parents of Julian Saenz; an order of gym clothing will be given to the Valdovinos family.

In preparation for the opening of the 2017-2018 school year, please mark the following dates on your calendar. Final registration and payment of August tuition and fees will be held on Wednesday, August 9 from 3:00-7:00 PM; on Thursday, August 10 from 9:00 AM-3:00 PM; and on Friday, August 11 from 3 :00-7 :00 PM. The first day of class for students in grades 1-8 will be on Monday, August 21. Students will have a half day (8:00-11 :30 AM). An orientation for parents ofPK and K students will be held on Monday, August..21. All students will have a half day of school on Tuesday. Full day classes (8:00 AM-2:45 PM) will begin for all students on Wednesday, August 23. Further information will be sent to you in a letter in June. 

If you have children entering preschool, kindergarten, or grade 6 in August, please schedule physical and dental appointments NOW. According to the law in the State of Illinois, medical papers must be submitted on the first day of school. 

This evening during the 7:30 PM Mass, 22 young men and women will graduate from Our Lady of Grace. We thank them for sharing their gifts with us. We pray that God will continue to bless the graduating class of2017 as they continue their education at the secondary level and then college. Congratulations, graduates! 

One of our graduates, Yesenia Fontanez, is one of the 12 finalists in the Illinois Fatherhood Essay Contest. She will be honored at a luncheon on Wednesday at the Chicago Union Club. Congratulations, Yesenia.

I want to express my thanks one more time to all of you who volunteered with the school picnic last Friday. What a beautiful day the Lord gave us! Whether you made a donation, helped in the kitchen, with games, or with security, you made the day possible for your children. 

The "Celebrations" for the preschool and kindergarten classes will be held on Wednesday morning. The preschool celebration will be at 8:30 in the preschool room; the kindergarten celebration will be held at 9:30 in the school hall. Immediately following their celebrations, the students will be dismissed for the summer.

To help you with planning for next week, the following information will be helpful. All students in grades 1-7 do not need to wear their uniform on Thursday since they will be cleaning their desks. Students are asked to bring one or two clean rags for cleaning. If your children can bring a bucket, that would be helpful. Students will be taking their belongings home on Thursday.

The last day of attendance for students in grades 1-7 is on Friday, June 9. This is a "dress up" day for the students. They will attend Mass at 8: 15. Beginning at 9: 1 0, an awards ceremony will be held in the school hall. Following the awards ceremony, students will receive their report cards. Dismissal will be at 10:15. NO REPORT CARDS WILL BE GIVEN TO STUDENTS WHOSE TUITION AND/OR FICES HAVE NOT BEEN PAID. Only a few parents fall into this category, so please try to have these paid by Wednesday. Thank you for your cooperation. 

If you have school uniforms that are in good condition and will no longer be worn by your children, especially girls' uniforms, we ask that you donate these to the school. Please bring clean uniforms on Friday or early in the summer. If you need to purchase new uniforms for your daughter, please order these NOW from Schoolbelles at 7254 W. Foster in the Foster and Harlem Plaza. As you purchase school clothing for your sons and daughters, please do not buy lowcut sport socks. 

I encourage all of you to please enroll your children in the summer reading program at the Chicago Public Library. Also, please plan some fun activities in which your children can use the reading and math skills that they learned this year. It is very important that your children continue to read and practice their math facts over the summer months.

On Sunday we celebrate the feast of Pentecost. The followers of Jesus have given up everything to follow Jesus and now He is gone. They hide in a locked room without the vaguest notion of what they are to do with the rest of their lives. Suddenly, the Risen Jesus comes and stands before them. Jesus breathes new life into them .... the life of the Holy Spirit. As He breathes on them, Jesus gives new meaning to their lives, new hope. Now they know what they are to do with the rest of their lives. COME TO MASS ON SUNDAY AND CELEBRATE THE UNITY THAT BINDS US TOGETHER. 

Although summer vacation begins next Friday, we should never take a vacation from God. Please come to Mass with your family each Sunday during the summer months. This is the best nourishment that you can give to yourselves and to your family. 

May your summer be safe, restful, and relaxing. May you know that the Lord Jesus will be
beside you every moment of every day. See you in August! 

              Sr. Rita Marie Range, O.P